CPLANE NETWORKS announces new software releases for multi-site OpenStack, SDN and NFV

Today we announced a software release for multi-site OpenStack and software-defined networking (SDN), and new API services for network function virtualization (NFV) orchestration.

Multi-Site Manager (MSM) is our flagship product for creating distributed OpenStack clouds that span multiple sites. These distributed, multi-tenant clouds enable service providers and enterprises to strategically place applications and workloads for optimal performance and value. From a single platform MSM delivers OpenStack orchestration for large scale cloud centers, network-edge and customer premise clouds, and mobile-edge micro-sites for NFV and IoT – all with integrated connectivity.

MSM Release 2.7 includes these new features:

  • HTTP Client for MSM Proxy
  • Create / Delete storage volumes
  • Attach / Detach storage volumes to / from VMs
  • Add / Delete Network

MSM utilizes Dynamic Virtual Networks – Data Center (DVNd), our software-defined networking solution for VXLAN-based virtual networks. DVNd replaces OpenStack’s Neutron networking service to deliver much higher performance, scalability and reliability. DVNd also comes with integrated network connectivity via our lightweight Overlay Gateway Router (OGR) which is delivered as a VNF.

Today we are also announcing a new Cloud Abstraction Layer (CAL) for NFV orchestration. CPLANE has teamed with RIFT.io, the leader in MANO-based NFV orchestration, to create a new set of APIs that work with Multi-Site Manager as a NFVi (Network Function Virtualization Infrastructure) deployment mechanism for RIFT.ware. This new Cloud Abstraction Layer enables service providers and enterprises to quickly deploy sophisticated NFV services that span highly-distributed cloud sites for new network and mobile-edge services. The APIs for CAL include:

  • List images
  • Get image
  • List virtual links
  • Get virtual link
  • Create virtual link
  • Delete virtual link
  • List VDUs (virtual deployment unit)
  • Get VDU
  • Delete VDU

These new releases and services continue to extend CPLANE’s leadership in the cloud orchestration and software-defined networking market. We’d love the discuss with you how these new features can rapidly transform your IT infrastructure into a dynamic and agile cloud service. Contact us today!

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