CPLANE NETWORKS Joins JuJu Charms Store

CPLANE NETWORKS is pleased to announce that it has recently joined the JuJu Charms Store. A solution deployment service offered by Canonical, JuJu lets you model, configure and manage services, then deploy them to all major public and private clouds with only a few commands. Charms are sets of scripts that simplify the deployment and management tasks of specific services. They can be written in any language and are regularly reviewed and updated.

juju_enabled_hex_100pxCPLANE has placed two important services in the Charms Store. First is our Neutron API Charm, which provides the interface to our Dynamic Virtual Networks – Data Center (DVNd) controller. The Neutron API Charm provides an easy mechanism to quickly connect OpenStack to DVNd. The second Charm is our Neutron Open vSwitch Agent, which provides communications between our CP-agent on each compute node and DVNd. CP-agent is an intelligent agent that supports autonomous functions, caching, threading, restart/recovery and provides a common north bound API for different services on the remote devices. Southbound, CP-agent communicates with Open vSwitch (OpenFlow, OVSDB), local Operation Systems, and other specialized local Daemons (e.g. Quaggad).

Being part of the JuJu Charms Store demonstrates CPLANE’s continued focus and commitment to automating the orchestration of OpenStack clouds within data centers, across multiple sites, and at the network edge for hyper-distributed clouds.

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