CPLANE NETWORKS releases Multi-Site Manager Version 2.6

We’ve just released our latest version of Multi-Site Manager and it comes with some great new features! In addition to building integrated virtual overlay networks with our Dynamic Virtual Networks – Data Center product, MSM now provides network orchestration and integration for backbone and floating IP networks. Now you can build distributed OpenStack clouds that have complete connectivity to virtual machine resources, wide area networks, public clouds, legacy networks, containers and more! And our floating IP network capability includes bandwidth quota management so you can rate-limit internet traffic. MSM still comes with our Overlay Gateway Router (OGR), a lightweight virtualized network function that provides VXLAN to BGP gateway services. But stay tuned, because we’ll soon be offering new whitebox gateway solutions for customers who want higher throughput and additional services. Contact us to learn how MSM can quickly and easily build OpenStack in global data centers, at the network edge for CORD, and at the mobile edge!


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