Deploy multi-site clouds faster and easier with CPLANE NETWORKS and Canonical JuJu Charms

Multi-site OpenStack clouds are quickly becoming the new norm for service providers and enterprises. Whether they’re mega-scale cloud centers for secure multi-tenant services, network-edge pods for value-added service chains, or micro-sites for mobile-edge applications, these clouds have one thing in common. Deploying them is now a lot easier, faster and less expensive. CPLANE NETWORKS is leveraging Canonical’s JuJu Charms to streamline OpenStack cloud deployment, trimming the time to revenue from days and weeks down to minutes.

Canonical and CPLANE are transforming the deployment and management of cloud orchestration and software-defined networking:

  • Canonical MaaS (Metal as a Service) deploys bare metal cloud infrastructure in minutes
  • JuJu Charms deploys and auto-scales OpenStack to handle dynamic demands for capacity and performance
  • CPLANE’s Dynamic Virtual Networks – Data Center (DVNd) and Multi-Site Manager (MSM) bring production-grade orchestration of secure, multi-site, multi-tenant OpenStack clouds with seamless network integration and connectivity
  • New service templates and personas (e.g., combining containers with VMs) can be quickly modeled and packaged for operational agility – with consistency
  • The combination of Canonical and CPLANE presents a new paradigm for customer and application-centric workload placement

CPLANE’s DVNd and MSM are now available in the JuJu Charms Store, along with our high-performance Open vSwitch and control agent, and our lightweight gateway offered as a virtualized network function. Contact us if you’d like to learn how the combination of Canonical and CPLANE can accelerate your cloud strategy!


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