Integrated Layer 2 Top-of-Rack Gateway for OpenStack

CPLANE NETWORKS has teamed with Agema Systems and IP Infusion to deliver a high-performance Layer 2 gateway for OpenStack virtual overlay networks. We’ll be demonstrating this new gateway at the upcoming SDN and OpenFlow World Congress in The Hague, Netherlands (October 10-14).

The top-of-rack gateway solution leverages the power of CPLANE’s Dynamic Virtual Networks – Data Center (DVNd) to orchestrate the configuration and programming of the Virtual Tunnel End Point (VTEP) in the Agema white box switch. DVNd provides complete automation of all OpenStack networking functions, creating secure high-performance virtual overlay networks for each new tenant and then automatically programming the VTEP with MAC address mappings as new virtual machines are added to the overlay networks.

Agema’s has recently added to their line of open white box switches, announcing the new AGC7648 series based on Broadcom® StrataDNX™ ASIC. When combined with IP Infusion’s open OcNOS operating system, the Agema switches deliver unmatched power and performance on an open architecture platform.

Check out this short demonstration to see how easy it is to integrate your OpenStack cloud with legacy networks.

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