Why edge clouds


IoT and Edge Computing devices are quickly becoming demanding, resource hungry beasts. Waiting for data or answers from public clouds is not an option. The Edge is all about executing the closed loop – sensing, analyzing, acting. And it has to be in less than the blink of an eye.

Edge Clouds deliver resources – compute, storage, networking – in the right place, in the right amount, at the right time, with integrated connectivity.


Autonomous platforms such as self-driving and intelligent cars need instantaneous access to applications and data to make critical decisions for safety, navigation, and security. Or maybe it’s just ensuring smooth transition between cell towers for uninterrupted delivery of video for the kids in the back seat. Edge Clouds put resources close at hand to ensure maximum platform performance.


Applications such as video surveillance create massive amounts of data that need to be processed locally for facial recognition, fraud detection, anomaly detection and security. Sampling, blanking, blurring, tagging and indexing all need to occur locally. Edge Clouds allow for expansion and contraction of resources that flex with the surrounding conditions.


IoT and Edge Devices are “sensor rich.” While much of the data they produce is handled locally, there is still a high-degree of connectivity and interaction with back-end systems for deep analytics, coordinated global operations, logging, archiving, etc. Edge Clouds are an ideal platform for hosting gateway and security services that easily scale as the population of IoT and Edge devices grows.


Digital twins are rapidly expanding from simple asset and configuration-based models to include applications, processes and data that feed new analytics engines. Vertical markets beyond manufacturing and aerospace are now realizing the potential of digital twins to optimize operations and improve overall business performance. Edge Clouds deliver flexible resources at the source to enable rapid customization of digital twins.


Highly distributed, IoT and Edge Computing don’t live in isolation. They are rapidly becoming more tightly integrated with other systems, processes and data that may live anywhere along a complex service chain. Edge Clouds provide seamless networking that ensures the smooth, reliable and secure flow of data from the devices to the back-end systems, delivering full service lifecycle management.

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