CPLANE.ai and ExxonMobil Announce Joint Initiative

Together, CPLANE.ai and ExxonMobil  are taking on some of the biggest challenges of digital transformation in a pilot testbed hosted in CPLANE.ai’s datacenter in Silicon Valley, California (joint press release). ExxonMobil Research and Engineering has led a revolution to accelerate this multi-billion dollar commercial transition to open, interoperable automation systems. CPLANE.ai is working with over 90 industrial companies to help revolutionize industrial manufacturers’ digital systems.

ExxonMobil and other leading manufacturing companies from around the globe are moving from proprietary automation systems to open automation systems beginning in 2021. But the distributed and multi-vendor nature of these open systems makes building reliable and secure systems a very daunting task. CPLANE.ai has proven  their orchestration platform in the telecommunications and cloud industries, and now is helping bring “system-ness”, ease of operation for industrial workers, and lower risk to help rapidly modernize industrial companies. 

This first phase of the pilot testbed is ambitious in its scope demonstrating intelligent provisioning, fail-over redundancy, network automation, and application life-cycle management in an industrial use-case. The pilot infrastructure utilizes components from leading IT and OT companies working harmoniously together while performing complex interactions without any user intervention. Later phases of the pilot project will build on this demonstration and the findings from these efforts will help shape the industrial manufacturing industry’s transition to distributed digital systems on a wide scale.