Edge Computing Use Cases – The Wave Continues to Build
Edge Computing Wave

For the past 18 months we’ve talked about the different aspects of edge computing and IoT. Things like edge application performance, latency, security, data integrity, analytics, machine learning, etc.

During this same time, we also described numerous use cases at the edge – autonomous vehicles, video processing, immersive retail experiences, industrial IoT to name just a few. As edge devices become more intelligent the number of use cases continues to grow – and grow!

Mckinsey and Company recently published an excellent article outlining over 100 use cases spanning 11 different market segments. Many of these use cases are like the ones we’ve been talking about for some time now. There are a few that we haven’t talked about much but offer some intriguing ideas. Things like “Pre-sales analytics in hospitals to improve cross-selling of products” and “Congestion lanes using demand-based pricing to manage traffic.”

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We’ve also been in some interesting discussions with NASA around other areas such as air-traffic management for the FAA. Think about the challenges drones and unmanned air vehicles will add to the already-congested airspace!

Our CEO, Brandon Williams, and Momenta Partners Strategy Analyst, Jim Fletcher, recently spoke about some of the use cases and the challenges ahead. Listen to the podcast here.

Delivering these use cases requires a fundamental change in the way we provide cloud services. The scale up model for public clouds (“clouds for humans”) simply doesn’t work for the edge computing and IoT world. They’re too far away in terms of latency, and they’re simply not designed to handle the complexity, integration and networking requirements at the edge.

At CPLANE we’ve focused on the real underlying solution to building edge clouds (“clouds for machines”) – distributed computing. Building highly-distributed clouds, with integrated connectivity, takes a new approach, centered around closed-loop orchestration. Only when you solve the distributed computing problem can you really unleash the power of the edge. Contact us and we’ll show you how!

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