Converging IT/OT Systems

Digital transformation is causing industrial manufacturers to ask hard questions:

– I want to accelerate change, but won’t this increase risk?

– Won’t multi-vendor, open IT/OT systems create unmanageable complexity in my production sites?

– Without a single vendor system, how will my overloaded staff manage new digital infrastructure?’s Digital Infrastructure Orchestration platform reduces risk and complexity by coordinating and automating the provisioning, management, failure-recovery, and evolution of digital assets from multiple vendors. 

Management’s orchestration platform coordinates and manages multiple layers of digital infrastructure (applications, virtualization, networking, security, and devices) across the system lifecycle:

  –  Automates software deployment for new devices or entire systems

  –  Automates maintenance and upgrades of applications and software infrastructure

  –  Self-heals digital infrastructure to maintain continuous operations should device or software fail provisions digital infrastructure elements with everything they need – when they need it – reliably and securely.