The Open Group Open Process Automation™ Forum Launches the O-PAS™ Standard

On February 5, 2019, the Open Process Automation Forum (OPAF) announced the release of the O-PAS Standard Version 1.0. O-PAS is focused on meeting the minimum standard and specification requirements for federated process automation systems, using an open and interoperable reference architecture. is proud to have been a contributor to this key reference architecture that will lay the foundation for future open, agile process automation platforms at the edge.

CTO and Co-Founder, John Casey co-chaired the Systems Management working group, defining standards and templates for the orchestration and management of O-PAS-compliant platforms.

Brandon Williams, CEO and Co-Founder, co-chaired the Business Outreach work group, laying the groundwork for creating compelling value propositions and messaging for the O-PAS standard.

Read the OPAF announcement.