Don’t Leave Your Data Stranded…

Clouds do not stand alone. They are part of a bigger application and service ecosystem that requires tight integration of compute, storage and networking resources to unleash the power of your most valuable asset – data.

Connect all your clouds using a single Software-Defined Networking platform that delivers virtual cloud networking, integrated gateways and automated WAN provisioning and management.


CPLANE SDN provides a complete spectrum of virtualized and physical network provisioning and management.

Virtual overlay networks (VXLAN)
Integrated gateways (VXLAN to BGP)
Wide area networks (MPLS, L2/L3 VPNs)

Connect distributed cloud resources to everything they need – when they need it – reliably and securely.

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Deploy cloud networking along with your clouds – not as an afterthought

CPLANE’s Dynamic Virtual Networks – Data Center (DVNd) delivers seamless virtual overlay networking for OpenStack and Docker clouds of all sizes – from data centers to micro-sites for edge computing and IoT.


Auto registration of node-based networking agents makes deployment fast and simple.


Virtual overlays (VXLAN) ensure complete separation of tenant traffic.


Auto recovery and re-registration of failed nodes for reliable networking.

High Performance

Near line-rate throughput for mission critical applications.


Simple plug-in replacement for OpenStack and other virtual infrastructure managers.

Connect“Point A” to “Point B”

faster and easier

Distributed clouds are part of a bigger picture of service chains, edge applications, digital twins and much more – that all need to be connected. Read our white paper on building distributed clouds with integrated connectivity.

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The data that powers applications stretches across multiple clouds and locations. CPLANE’s Dynamic Virtual Networks – Interconnect (DVNi) delivers the automation and intelligence that eliminates the complexity associated with provisioning and managing wide area networks.

Discovery & Inventory

Auto registration of node-based networking agents makes deployment fast and simple.

Traffic Engineering

Sophisticated LSP traffic optimization planning, what-if analysis and modeling.

Multi-Site VPNs

L2/L3 VPNs with resource-based admission control, edge policy and class of service management.

Patented Routing

Flow formulation for optimal primary path calculation based on bandwidth availability and affinities.


Easily connect OpenStack virtual overlay networks to WANs via BGP.

CPLANE Software-Defined
Networking Resources

Data Sheet

Dynamic Virtual Networking – Data Center

Dynamic Virtual Networking – Data Center

Learn how CPLANE’s secure, multi-tenant virtual overlay networking for OpenStack eliminates the complexity, performance and scaling issues of standard Neutron networking.

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Solution Overview

Overlay Gateway Router

Overlay Gateway Router

Connecting OpenStack networks to other distributed OpenStack clouds, public clouds or external resources can be challenging. Read how CPLANE’s fully integrated gateway solution makes it easy to connect OpenStack virtual overlay networks to WANs using the widely-used Border Gateway Protocol.

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Data Sheet

Dynamic Virtual Networking – Interconnect

Dynamic Virtual Networking – Interconnect

CPLANE’s automated WAN provisioning solution, DVNi, eliminates the manual configuration and provisioning of WAN management. Learn how DVNi delivers complete life cycle management – from discovery to traffic engineering to automated provisioning with full admission control.

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Solution Overview

White Box SDN

White Box SDN

Learn how CPLANE’s Overlay Gateway Router can easily be extended to leverage the power and economics of white box switches to create seamless connectivity between OpenStack virtual overlay networks and external clouds and resources.

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